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Spilsbury Information

General information, technical information and memorabilia of historical interest about various products produced by Spilsbury Communications Ltd.

From November 1994 to April 2000 I worked for Racal Canada Inc, part of the UK-based Racal Electronics group. Racal Canada was formed when Racal bought Spilsbury Communications. Racal was primarily interested in the products of the RACE Technologies subsidiary, but also inherited a range of Spilsbury-branded products.

All the Spilsbury products were discontinued in 1999. Racal Canada closed in 2000. Subsequently Racal Electronics merged with Thomson CSF and the group is now known as Thales. Thus the Spilsbury products are well and truly dead.

However, when the company closed a significant quantity of material was donated to the local radio museum, and I and others managed to take copies of some historically interesting photos and documents. These pages present those artifacts, and the items I have acquired subsequently.

I'm afraid I have no information on the SBX-40.