Free Software

Various free software projects that I have written or am involved in.

Slooze PHP Web Photo Album. A web-based photo album for the display of photos and other pictures on web sites in an organised, cataloged, searchable manner. Data may be stored in simple text files, or in a relational database such as MySQL. Written in PHP. I am the primary author of this program, which is licensed under the GPL. Initially developed around 2000 the program lacks much user-interface sophistication. Nowadays you are probably better off with Flickr.

Rotator is a simple PHP script for generating randomised (rotating) graphical links, e.g. ad banners. A comma-separated text file holds the data describing the links. Written in PHP. MIT license.

TekPlot is a simple Windows program for capturing RS232 data and saving it to files. Designed for capturing hardcopy output from Tektronix scopes. Written in Visual Basic 6. Source code is available. MIT license.