TekPlot is a simple Windows program for capturing RS232 data and saving it to files. Run the program, select a COM port and data rate, choose a directory and filename template then minimise the program and forget it. When data arrives on the selected COM port the program will capture it and save it in a file in the chosen directory. When the data stops the file is closed and the program begins waiting again.

The intended use is capturing Hardcopy output from Tektronix scopes. Configure the scope to plot in HPGL or bmp format to its RS232 port, connect the RS232 port to a PC COM port with a null modem cable, and run TekPlot on the PC. When you push the Hardcopy button on the scope the data is captured and written to a file. No more hooking a printer up to the scope, or having to swap a floppy disk between scope and PC.

Optionally, TekPlot will run a command of your choice after each file is captured. For example, if you capture HPGL format output from the scope you can run hp2xx on the resulting file to turn it into PNG or BMP or something more convenient.

TekPlot was written to capture plots from a TDS744A scope, but it could be used to capture any form of data from any instrument that dumps to RS232.

TekPlot is written in Visual Basic 6. If you are running a recent version of Windows you probably just need to download the executable. If you want a conventional Setup program which includes all the necessary DLLs, will install the program and create a Start menu item then you can download the install package. If you want to hack the code you can download the source. TekPlot is free software with an MIT license.

If you make a change to the code of general use please consider contributing your changes.